Using the Code Viewer to view coverage data

Download and install the SeaLights Chrome extension:

  1. Open the the following link in chrome: click here.

  2. Press the + ADD TO CHROME button

  3. A dialog verifying you want to add the extension will be displayed. Press Add extension to proceed.

  4. After the extension is added, you should see a SL icon in the corner 

Configure the extension:

  1. Press the SL icon 

  2. Click on the Options button () on the top right corner and select the Manage Token
  3. Enter a Custom Integration Token in the Token field.
    See Generating a Browser token for details on creating one.

  4. Click on Save twice (validate you saw 'Options Saved')
  5. All is set! You can now close this tab.

Viewing coverage data

When viewing your code in your SCM, if you have configured correctly, scanned the code and a build exists in the SeaLights dashboard, you will be able to see the coverage information of the latest build.

An extra drop down button will be visible in the SCM's file header allowing you to select the coverage type.

If there is a quality risk, you will see a icon next to the code (method or line) added to the page.

Sample of a GitHub page with coverage information added by Sealights' Extension