SeaLights CD Agent



The goal of the CD agent is to provide the ability to onboard SeaLights with the minimum steps and resources necessary to start receiving value from SeaLights. It aims to provide value from a single application under test environment, with one or more test types running in series against it, including if run manually or from different servers.

The CD agent is onboarded directly on the application under test, where it will scan the artifact and instrument it for capturing coverage.

To capture the tests executions, please refer to the relevant documentation for your Testing Framework. See




Before proceeding with the integration project, several prerequisites must be met. These may include:

  • Your account must have this feature enabled, if you are not sure about this, please contact our support team.

  • Downloading the CD agent and making it available to each of the components in the environment under test either by copying them in, downloading during startup, or mounting an external volume

  • Ability to update environment variables to provide the agent with the necessary startup values

  • Provide the CD agent and Test Runner Agent outbound communication over HTTPS from all the components under test to the SeaLights lab.

    • If the Application Under Test and Testing Servers don’t have direct outbound access to the internet either directly or through a proxy, then a rule will need to be put in place in the Firewall to allow this

  • Having the ability to notify SeaLights that a test cycle is running. This can be performed in one of the following ways:

    1. Manually using the SeaLights Chrome Extension (or widget on the SeaLights dashboard)

    2. Integrating your tests runner with the SeaLights agent for supported testing frameworks

    3. Using one of the various SeaLights agents from the command line before and after the test cycle runs

    4. Integrating the SeaLights APIs into a non-supported/custom testing framework

It is important to ensure that all prerequisites have been fulfilled before beginning the onboarding to ensure its success.

Current Limitations

  • Currently only supports Java and .NetCore applications.

  • The deployed code branch must be consistent per component and not have different branches deployed within the deployed environment.

    • SeaLights compares the code structure from one deployment to the next; deploying from multiple branches will create false code changes.

  • Only one Test Stage can be open at any given time against the environment. Multiple test types must run in series or be reported under the same Test Stage.

  • Buildscan will not contain SCM links

CD Agent According to your Technology

Depending on the technology of your application under tests and needed on the environment, with the relevant CD agent:

Please make sure to add and configure an agent to each component that builds up the Application Under Test.


CD Agent Integration Build Triggers

Upon deployment, if you use an integration build labId, these are the triggers for creating new integration build:

  • Simple integration build public API call ( )

  • Opening an execution against a CDOnly integration lab (a new integration build will be created if the live agents are different than the latest integration build)

  • CDOnly + AutomaticBuild - “upon build scan completed” event of any of the components running a the lab

  • Every deployment of a component that will cause live agents snapshot to be different then latest integ build then a new integration build will be created.