SeaLights ADO Extension - Installation

Installation on ADO from the Marketplace

  • Provide the SeaLights administration team with your ADO account name and they will enable access to Sealights Extension to your marketplace.

On AzureDevOps, your Organization ID should appear in the format:<OrganizationID>


  • After Sealights had authorized your account, click on the marketplace icon and select Manage extensions


  • Choose SeaLights Continuous Testing Integration from the list.


  • Click on Get if free button


  • Follow the installation instructions.

Installation on TFS2017 from a local copy

Agents Files

The Extension should download the agent files automatically. Still, if there is an issue or you want to do it manually, you can do so and specify its location in the configuration.
See: Downloading the .NET agent files

When using the Sealights ADO extension, it will create a property called SL_TOOLS_PATH referring to the location of the agents files it had downloaded.
This property can be used in the build steps to refer to the agents.

For example: $(SL_TOOLS_PATH)\SL.DotNet.exe