SeaLights Overview

Research shows that the majority of bugs that are found in a production build reside in code that has been modified yet was not tested. 

SeaLights has built a comprehensive solution that integrates with your development pipeline and helps your team manage untested code in these areas primarily:

Pipeline checkpoints or go/no-go decision points

  • Conforms to your quality policy (quality gates)

  • Pre-merge - integrate with your pull-request procedure

  • Post-merge - also integrate with your build-promotion processes

Test Assessment and Development

SeaLights will help your team identify:

  • What changes have been made

  • what has not been tested

  • Areas in which you need to add tests

Quality Approach - Multi-Layers

SeaLights Quality Intelligence Platform collects your code changes in each build, which tests executed and what their code coverage, calculates the quality gates based on your criteria given, integrates into your pull request procedures and local development repositories and quickly communicates the level of QA exposure in the most recent build.


How does it work?

SeaLights employs two types of agents to achieve complete visibility of your software quality:

  • Build Scanner — this agent scans all of your binaries and artifacts to create an intelligent mapping of your code and identified code changes.

  • Test Listener — this agent runs along with your test management tools to identify which test footprints can be found on your code.